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At first glance, our goals may seem unobtainable, daunting and impossible to achieve. But really any worthy goal that deviates from the norm, requires significant effort, or faces many unknowns is usually burdened with negativity. With your help, we aim here to dispel that reaction. Kindling Smiles is an organization setup to provide the Support and Resources necessary for “Students” to attain their goals in life. Goals that are currently only dreams for many individuals in that part of the world.
Our Founder best summarizes the driving force behind our efforts to successfully achieve our goals and why we need your help:
“Today I am in a much different situation than I was that December day in 2013. I have promised my wife, and myself, that since we will not see our grandchildren through Aaron, the only way I can redeem myself is to kindle smiles on the innocent, small faces of the many needy children by providing them with education and physical development through sports and proper schooling during the formative years of their lives. That way, I can see Aaron through them, and happily look Aaron in the eyes when I see him one day again.”
“I am therefore humbly asking you to help our cause by donating generously to this noble and supreme effort”.
We sincerely thank you for your contributions and continuing support.

Our Inspiration Aaron My Son

On December 20th, 2013, I lost my loving son Aaron (Haroon) Rehman to a very tragic motorcycle accident at the age of 21, exactly 7 days before his 22nd birthday. He was hit by an 88 year old man who took his right-of-way and his right to live.
Aaron was a very intelligent, young man, who was on his last year at University of Sacramento, California State. Aaron majored in biology and wanted to become a doctor. Aaron had a huge appetite for life, sports and family.
Aaron’s untimely departure gave me two options, either go into deep depression or take his life as an inspiration and pay it forward. I chose the latter, by reaching out to the less fortunate children in the third world countries, through education, sports and shelter.
Here’s to you son, you shall forever remain in my heart, and may the torch of your cause be lit forever.
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